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A word from our new Client Services Manager

By Published On: 18 October 2022
Client Services Manager Laura Smith

You spend more time at work than you do with your family and friends, so it is important to me to enjoy what I do.

I also always give the best of myself to everything I do – I don’t do anything in a half-hearted way. I’m an ‘all-in’ kind of girl.

So when I was offered a promotion for a client-focussed role in a company I love, I took the opportunity with two outstretched hands.

As Client Services Manager at Ballyhoo PR it is my job to ensure that the client experience includes regular engagement, innovation, discovery and a consistently high quality service.

I have kept all my own clients, who I thoroughly enjoy working with, but, going forward, I will also be responsible for all our client base.

It is important to us, as a business, for our customers to be happy and engaged, as the best advertisement of all is word of mouth – a good review from a content client.

And there’s nothing I like more than people. I thrive on communication, on building relationships and on making people happy. Following a recent personality archetype quiz, I was told I was a caregiver – I am an empath, a nurturer, and someone that loves to serve. I like to make others feel special, heard and empowered.

I am nicknamed Smiley by my friends, and it is fitting in name and nature. In short, I like to make people happy.

I’ve only been in post for six weeks but already I feel I have a greater breadth of knowledge of all our clients and slowly I am working with Emma towards improving existing systems and implementing new processes and plans to enhance our offering and deliver an even greater service.

I am proud and delighted to be promoted within Ballyhoo PR, and am grateful to Emma for the opportunity to do more, be more and achieve more for myself and for our clients.



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