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Good news is good for your health and we want more of it

By Published On: 22 June 2021
Blogs | Ballyhoo PR

A massive 93% of people want to see more positive stories in the news, according to a recent survey carried out to mark Positive Media Day.

The survey, carried out by two Northamptonshire-based PR and marketing firms, also found that 83% of people said they felt ‘uplifted and positive’ after reading, watching, or hearing a good, heart-warming news story.

Despite this appetite for positive news, a resounding 71% of respondents said they feel the news has become more negative since the start of the Coronavirus pandemic.

The survey, which generated more than 300 responses, was created by Jessica Pilkington of Pilkington Communication and Emma Speirs of Ballyhoo PR after they got talking about the upcoming Positive Media Day, which falls on Tuesday 22nd June.

Jessica Pilkington, Director of Pilkington Communications, said: “We relish positive news, it makes us feel good, and yet people feel there is less than ever before due to covid – really interesting results, and a timely reminder of the importance of positive stories in the press.”

Emma Speirs, Director at Ballyhoo PR, said: “Positive Media Day was created to change the perspective and status quo of everyday media consumption and disperse the overriding negative media that overshadows the great positive impact people are making on the world every single day.

“As PR professionals we are huge believers in the power of positive news stories, not only for those being featured but also those reading or listening to the news. We wanted to find out how people access news and how it impacts them from a health and wellbeing point of view too.”

The survey asked respondents 14 questions and the results are interesting:

  • 42% of people say they now consume news primarily through social media, followed by newspapers and online news websites (both 17% each), TV (9%), apps (8%) and radio (5%).
  • Interestingly, the stories people want to see or hear most are community news stories (46%), closely followed by business stories (32%) and then celebrity news (6%).
  • When it comes to how the media makes us feel, an overwhelming 78% of respondents felt that the news was largely negative, with 16% feeling indifferent and 6% viewing the news as largely positive.

Jessica added: “We want to keep this positive momentum going, so watch this space. We have exciting plans afoot to keep the need for positive media in the press and to support businesses and charities to create their own positive headlines.”

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