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How charities can use PR

By Published On: 30 November 2022
How charities can use PR

Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas without the launch of the big festive advertising campaigns which have almost become as big as the big day itself.

But with the country facing economic uncertainty and many families finding the lead up to Christmas particularly challenging, the glitz and the glamour has been replaced by subtle, moving messages which remind us about the real meaning of Christmas – friendship, love and finding the time to support those less fortunate than ourselves.

This important shift in focus has also allowed a number of amazing charities to take centre stage with High Street giant John Lewis throwing its support behind Action for Children and Who Cares? Scotland, while supermarket chain Aldi is highlighting the work of Neighbourly, which is supporting families in need.

Raising awareness of your cause in front of millions of people is the stuff of dreams for many charities, particularly at a time when demand for the services they provide, and competition for every donation, is increasing.

While most charities don’t have the weight – or budget – of a household name behind them, the key to getting your messages across is good, solid PR – and the team at Ballyhoo PR is here to help.


Start with the basics

For charity PR to be effective it needs to be centred around three main areas – explaining who you are and what you do, bringing your cause to life and demonstrating the impact of your work.

While the first might seem obvious, it’s absolutely crucial to get right.

If you’re not clear about what it is you’re trying to achieve your audience won’t be either and that can be a huge barrier when it comes to securing publicity, applying for grants and funding or encouraging people to donate.

Start with the basics – your key messages, mission statement and vision for the future – and work from there.


The power of a good story

If you really want your good work to stand out, and attract attention from the media, you should never underestimate the power of a good story.

We’ve all seen the traditional cheque presentation stories in local newspapers where representatives from local groups present the money they have raised to their charity of choice and while this is an excellent start, there is so much more you can do.

Think about milestones, anniversaries, awards you have won, or new staff joining your organisation and use those stories to start creating that all-important buzz.


Shout about the difference you make

With the country facing economic uncertainty, competition for donations is fierce.

People will be thinking more carefully about the organisations they donate to, often choosing those which represent causes close to their heart.

Good charity PR should always communicate how those donations are being spent and the good they are doing in the community they serve, helping to build up the public’s trust in your organisation.

When it comes to getting your messages out there the possibilities are endless but being creative and choosing the right platform to suit your audience is key.


Bring in the experts!  

At Ballyhoo PR we love working with charities, helping them to raise awareness of the extraordinary work they do.

If you’re looking to raise the profile of your charity, the team at Ballyhoo is here to help, just in touch today by calling 01536 682800.

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