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My first month at ballyhoo pr

By Published On: 3 October 2019
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It has been almost a month since I started working at Ballyhoo PR and during this short time, I have already learnt so much about the world of PR.
There is never a dull day in the office. I am either helping Emma with Press Releases, arranging photoshoots or going through Media coverage to report back to our clients. If I am not in the office, then I am at a launch party, networking or at a conference. No day is ever the same.

Emma is great to work for (no, she hasn’t bribed me to say that!) She’s funny, hard working and very focused on her work. She has so much knowledge about PR and writing that I am looking forward to working with her in the future and learning all that I can from her.

In the past, I have worked for some companies that have discouraged training, but at Ballyhoo PR that is different. Emma has really encouraged me to go on courses and gain as much knowledge that I can. She is really supportive of helping me further my career.

We both look forward to our Friday morning catch up over cake and coffee where we go over our workloads, plan our schedule for the following week and have a natter!

I am really excited about my future at Ballyhoo PR and I look forward to whatever the next few months have in store for me.

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