My First Week at Ballyhoo PR

My First Week at Ballyhoo PR

By Catherine Bontoft
Senior PR Executive

I can’t believe I’ve already completed my first week at Ballyhoo PR and it’s sure to be a first week that I won’t forget in a hurry!

It never occurred to me when I agreed to join the team, back in a time when ‘social distancing’ wasn’t even on the cards, that my first week at Ballyhoo PR would be spent working from my living room.

It was slightly unnerving to later find out I would be embarking on my new role away from the office and away from my lovely new colleagues – Emma and Katie. However, if I’m totally honest I wasn’t overly worried. I was in the lucky position of having worked with Emma and Katie in my previous role at Northamptonshire Chamber of Commerce and during that time I’d seen first hand what a fantastic, supportive and professional team they are.

They’ve welcomed me with open arms – well, virtual open arms at least! – even to the point of sending me a lovely card welcoming me to the team. My first day started off with video calls with Emma and Katie to bring me up to speed on our latest projects and since then I’ve been busy proofreading publications, writing press releases and creating blogs to help our clients show off their latest initiatives.

So yes, I will remember this first week but not because of lockdown and trying to work in my family home with a kitten who likes nothing better than to sit on my laptop whilst I type. I’ll remember this week for the incredible support I’ve had from Emma and Katie and for the first opportunities I’ve been given to work with our inspirational clients.

I’m really excited for the day when I get to join Emma and Katie in our office in Corby (I’ve promised to bring in cake!) and to meeting more of our clients in the future.

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