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Showcase your success with case studies

By Published On: 28 March 2023
Case studies

WHEN it comes to shouting about your successes and achievements you should never underestimate the power of a good story.

While most businesses are very good at promoting themselves and explaining what they do in their own words, why not take the story-telling process to the next level by letting your clients or customers speak for you through case studies, personal stories and testimonials?

Done well, a story or case study will not only bring your work to life, they will help you earn the trust of new clients and help you raise awareness of your business among new audiences.

Are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin….


Case studies: The perfect way to showcase an exciting new project

If you’ve been involved in an exciting new project or developed a new product or service, a case study could be the best way to showcase your achievements.

Use it to shine a light on your expertise, the diverse range of clients and customers you have and how you have been able to respond quickly to address a particular need.

Get into the habit of collecting case studies regularly and you will be to create your own library in no time – invaluable content for your website, for any information you send to prospective new clients, or for making those all-important award entries stand out from the crowd.


Make it personal

For some organisations, and charities in particular, personal stories work much better.

A personal story allows an individual who has directly benefitted from the service you offer to explain, in their own words, how your organisation has supported them.

The power of a personal story really lies in its simplicity – there’s no jargon, or corporate speak here – just a powerful story about how your organisation’s work has helped to change someone’s life for the better.


Congratulations on a job well done

As a shorter version of a case study or personal story, a testimonial will make great content for social media.

Short and snappy quotes from satisfied customers make great testimonials which can be uploaded to your website or broadcast on all your social media channels.

As with case studies, consistency is key. The more testimonials you collect the more impressive they will appear to anyone looking to learn more about your business.

And don’t restrict yourself to the written word – why not use a short video or voice note to really get your message across?


If you’re looking to learn more about case studies, personal stories and testimonials and the ways they can help develop your business, get in touch with Ballyhoo PR today to find out more.

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