Here at Ballyhoo PR, we passionately believe that every organisation has a story to tell. This could be a small business, large corporation, social club, charity or a sole trader working from a home office.

The purpose of PR is essentially to tell your story, to shout about your achievements or let the world know about a new product, service, project or event.

With years of experience in helping businesses from sole traders to global companies promote their goods, services, events and community engagement activity, Ballyhoo PR can help you to share your story... and it might not cost as much as you think!


Based in Corby, Northamptonshire, Ballyhoo PR was set up to offer small to medium-sized businesses cost-effective PR and copywriting services that can help them to share their story and raise their profile in the media, online and generate awareness in their target markets.



Emma has a strong grasp of marketing and the value of PR to a start-up business. She is a pleasure to work with and always tries to find solutions not problems.


Emma always turns the information and words I send to her into an article which is well worth reading. I enjoy working with Emma as she provides fantastic creative input, to come up with a new angle on things, and is also well organised to meet deadlines.


Having worked with Emma and witnessed first-hand the work produced, I can safely provide Ballyhoo PR with a 5-star rating. I would urge any business looking to improve their brand awareness and engagement to have a chat with Emma and the variety of different business related services available through using Ballyhoo PR.



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