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31 Jan
press coverage

Why isn’t your press release getting picked up by the press?

By Emma Speirs, Director at Ballyhoo PR You have a killer news story and you’ve written a press release. You send it out to everyone and wait for the press coverage to come flooding in. And wait some more… and some more… but nothing happens. Here are some reasons why your press release has not […]

12 Dec
marketing vs PR

How is PR different to marketing?

by Emma Speirs Director of Ballyhoo PR I’m asked this question a lot, especially when meeting new people at networking events, so here’s my simple guide on how to distinguish PR from marketing – and how each contributes to the success of a business. Basic functions Marketing can be generally defined as a business investment, […]

02 Nov

How to write a press release newspapers will actually publish

By Emma Speirs Director at Ballyhoo PR A press release published by a newspaper, magazine or website can secure your company some priceless coverage – but it’s not done by luck. In the current media climate of plummeting advertising revenues and circulation figures, many publications – especially local newspapers – have been making swathes of […]

05 Oct

PR acronyms and jargon – what do they all mean?!

By Emma Speirs Director at Ballyhoo PR Like many of us, I know my own industry inside out and, as a result, sometimes assume that everyone I speak to understands what I mean when I use certain phrases and acronyms. A chance conversation at a networking event recently got me thinking about this in more detail. […]

27 Mar

Why small businesses need PR

Guest blog by Yasmin, Marketing Executive at JournoLink Whatever your impression of PR has been previously – maybe a waste of money, time and resources for your business – it is time to rethink. Allocating time to develop a good PR strategy is as important as ever for the growth of your small business. PR […]

20 Feb
PR photo (1)

How can we measure the true value of PR coverage?

By Emma Speirs Director at Ballyhoo PR One thing us PR professionals find hard is getting across the true value of PR coverage gained for our clients.When I first started out in PR, there were still a few people who used to physically measure the space of the column inches gained in a newspaper or […]

24 Jan

5 ways a small business can generate PR

by Emma Speirs Director at Ballyhoo PR Quite often when I get talking to owners of small businesses, they think that PR is not for them. They either confuse the concept with advertising and dismiss it completely, rule it out as they think it will be too expensive, or think that PR is a luxury […]

16 Dec

A picture paints a thousand words…

The saying goes that ‘a picture paints a thousand words’. That being said, a good photo can also bring words to life. Whilst a well-written press release will increase your chances of making the papers, trade press and online news sites, an eye-catching, good quality photo that grabs the attention of editors – and later […]

10 Nov

Is PR part of your growth strategy?

Public relations (PR) is one of the most cost-effective ways that businesses can raise awareness yet many do not include it in their growth strategy, opting to pay for advertising instead. Whilst there are some obvious benefits to advertising in key places to reach a target audience, the value of a supporting PR campaign should not […]